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One of our first purchases as a young, married couple in college was a puppy! We had both grown up with dogs and knew that they would be an integral, important part of our lives, and as the decades have rolled past, we have welcomed and loved many furry babies into our family; however, Nancy’s asthma and allergies began dictating which breeds we could have in our home and which ones were just not healthy for her.

We settled on indoor poodles for her and big dogs, rottweilers and labs, outside for Rick, some of them actually helping him in his cattle business. When we first were introduced to Australian Labradoodles, Nancy was skeptical that they would become a catalyst for her allergies as most other breeds are; but after we received Sailor, our first guardian, no allergy problems, and we were sold! Then, when our youngest grandson, whose allergies are extremely severe, was able to tolerate this special, multi-generational breed, his family was finally able to have a fun, loving, and intelligent pet. 

After over twenty-five years as an English teacher, Nancy finally retired from education at the end of 2021. Rick has been involved in the cattle industry since 1972, so kids and animals have comprised the majority of our married lives. Add to that our three grown children, their wonderful spouses, and our awesome six grandchildren, and we have had an extremely blessed life. After being introduced to the Australian Labradoodle, we knew we wanted to raise these marvelous dogs together as the next part of our lives. 

Under the excellent mentorship of Sandy Mann of Heartrock Labradoodles in Austin, Texas, our AussieTex Labradoodles was born. We are a small, family-based dog breeder, and all litters are whelped inside our home under watchful supervision and loving attention. With the help of our guardian families (see Guardian Program), all of our dogs grow up in a loving home environment and never in a kennel-type atmosphere. It is our goal to continue the high standards of the Australian Labradoodle and to bring to you the finest pet you will own. You won’t be disappointed!

Who We Are: About Us


Our mission at AussieTex Labradoodles is

  • to provide top quality, multi-generational Australian Labradoodles, consistent with their even temperaments, loving nature, and natural intelligence;

  • to continue to uphold the high standards of Australian Labradoodles by selecting only the finest of sires and dams for breeding purposes;

  • to persevere in ensuring that our puppies are healthy and genetically free from problems;

  • to nurture our puppies in a loving, stimulating environment for their finest emotional, physical, and neurological well-being and development; and

  • to provide loving homes with a smart, beautiful, affectionate, and allergy-friendly companion to complete their families.

Who We Are: About Us
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