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At AussieTex Labradoodles, we truly believe our dog breeding and rearing methods are second-to-none.  All our breeder females have been DNA and health tested according to WALA and ALAA standards. From calm and cuddly to energized and playful, we have it all.



WALA Registration: WALA00063541                ALAA Registration: ALAA--112609

Hips OFA: Excellent                                             Color Code: bbee

Elbows: Normal                                                    Color: Caramel

CERF: Normal                                                       Coat: Fleece

PRA-prcd: Clear                                                    Birthday: 12/19/2020

vWD: Clear                                                            Sire: Cedar Bend Zebedee  

EIC: Clear                                                               Dam: C Bar S Red Hot Chili Pepper

IC: Carrier                                                               Weight: 34 pounds

Parti: Not a carrier


Luna has a magnificent, beautiful, thick reddish-caramel coat. Her golden eyes look deeply into yours when she is being spoken to as if she understands everything you say. She is sweet, curious, agile, and fast on her feet, but she also loves to cuddle. Her guardian parents say she has just the right amount of mischievousness to keep them laughing as she steals their socks and shoes and races off for a good game of chase. You couldn't ask for a sweeter temperament!



WALA Registration: WALA 00063559                  ALAA Registration: ALAA-112612

Hips OFA: Good                                                       Color Code: Bbee

Elbows: Normal                                                       Color: Caramel

CERF: Normal                                                          Coat: Wavy Fleece

PRA-prcd: Clear                                                       Birthday: 12/29/2020

vWD: Clear                                                               Sire: C Bar S Duke

EIC: Clear                                                                  Dam: C Bar S Paisley Lane

IC: Clear                                                                    Weight: 32 pounds

Parti: Carrier

According to her guardian mom, Dakota is the sweetest, most loving dog! She gets super excited to see everyone and everything.  A social butterfly, Dakota loves long walks, meeting the neighbors and the other dogs near them, and she especially enjoys puppy play dates.  She can be very playful and energetic, particularly with their kids, but her favorite time is snuggling with her guardian parents in their chairs, jumping into their laps and squeezing into the smallest spaces just to be close to them. Dakota is also extremely smart and trains very quickly!  "She has been the BEST addition to our family!"

Lola Belle standing.jpg


WALA Regisistration: WALA 00064894                        ALAA Registration: ALAA-112617

Hips OFA: Good                                                                 Color:Code: bbEe

Elbows: Normal                                                                 Color: Chocolate w/white markings            CERF: Normal                                                                    Coat: Wavy fleece                                   

PRA-prcd: Clear                                                                 Birthday: 2/13/2021

vWD: Clear                                                                         Sire: C Bar S Captain Call

EIC: Clear                                                                            Dam: C Bar S Annie Oakley

IC: Clear                                                                              Weight: 24 pounds

Parti: Limited carrier

The following was written with love by Lola's three human sisters:

Lola is a playful, intelligent, and cuddly puppy that always has time for outdoor activities and snuggles! She is always exploring outside, whether she’s running with mom, walking with dad, or playing fetch with her sisters. She is very sociable and loves to play with other dogs on our street. Walks on the block are an exciting time for Lola to get out and meet her many doggie friends. Lola is a super curious pup that loves to learn. Just last week, she figured out how to open the back door from the outside! Lola loves to be involved with the family and will never say no to belly rubs or cuddle time on the couch!

Honey 1st Christmas.jpg


WALA Registration: WALA00072539                                  ALAA Registration: ALAA-112607

Hips OFA: Excellent                                                               Color Code: Bbee

Elbows: Normal                                                                      Color: Cream with white markings

CERF: Normal                                                                         Coat: Wavy fleece

PRA-prcd: Clear                                                                      Birthday: 10/3/2021

vWD: Clear                                                                              Sire: C Bar S Royal Chocolatier

EIC: Carrier                                                                               Dam: C Bar S Ginger Spice

IC: Clear                                                                                    Weight: 22

Parti: Not a carrier

Sweeter than Honey is the perfect name for this adorable baby. Her guardian parents say she has a very sweet and playful personality, and although she looks like a lap dog, she is completely comfortable outside exploring their backyard too. You may find her peacefully basking in the sun with a good stick right before she releases her high energy "zoomies" run around the yard. Honey is also exceptionally bright, and even her trainer has commented on how easy she is to train. Honey is the perfect combination!

Ramsey full grown.jpg


WALA Registration: WALA00074416                                     ALAA Registration: ALAA-112614

Hips OFA: Good                                                                         Color Code: BbEe

Elbows: Normal                                                                         Color: Black/white parti-colored

CERF: Normal                                                                            Coat: Wavy fleece

PRA-prcd: Clear                                                                        Birthday: 11/15/2021

vWD: Clear                                                                                 Sire: C Bar S Duke

EIC: Clear                                                                                    Dam: C Bar S Stella Rose                    IC: Clear                                                                                      Weight: Still growing

Parti: Carrier   

Rockin' Ramsey feels quite at home with her big labradoodle sister and her four human siblings. She is a real sweetheart, a little bit spunky, but she settles down quickly and loves to cuddle. The family loves Ramsey's beautiful black and white markings and are amazed at how quickly she learns.  They also think she gets cuter every day, and we agree!                            

Dakota's Jessie 5-23.jpg


WALA Registration: WALA00089356                            ALAA Registration: ALAA-123592

Hips OFA: Pending                                                            Color Code: bbEe; KB/KB: at/at

Elbows OFA: Pending                                                       Color: Red/white parti

CERF: Normal                                                                    Coat: Wavy fleece

PRA-Prcd: Clear                                                                Birthday: 1/16/2023

vWD: Clear                                                                         Sire: Cream Puff Let Me Be Your "Teddy"                                                                                                            Bear                                                            EIC: Clear                                                                            Dam: C Bar S Darling Dakota

IC: Clear                                                                              Weight: Still Growing                                Parti: Carrier

Beautiful Cowgirl Jessie gets her name from "Toy Story," and that gorgeous, fluffy coat looks and feels just like a stuffed animal. In addition to her good looks, Jessie has the brains to match and has been a quick study when it comes to training. Her happy smile also gives you a clue to her temperament. 

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